[arch-dev-public] [signoff] coreutils-8.12-2, initscripts-2011.06.3-1, net-tools-1.60-16, udev-171-2, yp-tools-2.12-2, ypbind-mt-1.33-2, iproute2-2.6.38-3

Evangelos Foutras foutrelis at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 12:16:17 EDT 2011

On 7 June 2011 19:02, Evangelos Foutras <foutrelis at gmail.com> wrote:
> This should be moved to [core] quickly.
> If you try to create a testing chroot, it will proceed to install the
> 'base' group. Problem is, net-tools-1.60-16 no longer belongs to that
> group, but the old version (1.60-14) from [core] does. However, the
> latter causes file conflicts with the latest coreutils package. :)

Workaround if anyone needs to create new testing chroots:

- Hit ^Z after pacman has downloaded the database for [core], but
before the initial database sync finishes.
- Go into the chroot's /var/lib/pacman/sync.
- Move core.db to core.db.tar.gz so that vim recognizes it as a gzipped tarball.
- Edit the core.db.tar.gz file in place using vim and remove the base
group from net-tools.
- Exit vim and rename the database back to core.db.
- Execute fg to resume the stopped pacman process.


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