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Eric Bélanger snowmaniscool at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 13:20:54 EDT 2011

Forwarding to public ML.

Hi all,

An upstream update to cronie lies in [testing]. Here is the ChangeLog:

2011-06-24  Marcela Mašláňová <mmaslano at redhat.com>

       * src/do_command.c: Cron writes job output to syslog incorrectly.
       When cron is invoked in a way to print job output to syslog, it does
       print only the first character of the output.
       Author: Vitezslav Cizek
       Signed-off-by: Marcela Mašláňová <mmaslano at redhat.com>

2011-06-21  Tomas Mraz <tmraz at fedoraproject.org>

       * src/cron.c, src/database.c, src/funcs.h, src/structs.h: Check
       orphaned crontabs for adoption.

2011-06-21  Tomas Mraz <tmraz at fedoraproject.org>

       * src/do_command.c: Unify logging in case of SyslogOutput with the
       rest of crond.

2011-05-26  Marcela Mašláňová <mmaslano at redhat.com>

       * man/cron.8, man/crontab.1: Change of email adress of cluster
       support author.

2011-05-16  Kiyoshi OHGISHI <ohgishi at gaia.eonet.ne.jp>

       * anacron/main.c: The charset of anacron's mail is always
       ANSI_X3.4-1968. There are no setlocale is anacron's source.
       Signed-off-by: Marcela Mašláňová <mmaslano at redhat.com>

2011-04-28  Marcela Mašláňová <mmaslano at redhat.com>

       * src/cron.c: Cronie disables inotify support when the /etc/crontab
       file does not exist at startup.  Existence of crontab and directories
       wasn't controlled before creating inotify watches.

2011-03-15  Marcela Mašláňová <mmaslano at redhat.com>

       * configure.ac: Clean configure.

Please test and signoff.


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