[arch-dev-public] [signoff] mkinitcpio 0.7-1, device-mapper/lvm2 2.02.85-3, dmraid 1.0.0.rc16.3-2, mdadm 3.2.2-2, v86d 0.1.10-2

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Thu Jun 30 14:15:01 EDT 2011

This is a huge release and should stay in testing for a while. I want to
point out two significant changes:

1) We now have a build() function instead of an install() function - the
latter was an unfortunate conflict with the install utility. The hooks
in the repository have been adjusted, but backward-compatibility code is
in place (a deprecation warning will be printed). All these packages
have conflicts=(mkinitcpio<0.7).

2) We now use bsdcpio instead of gen_init_cpio. This obsoletes the
gen_init_cpio package and adds a dependency on libarchive. This also
speeds up the image generation considerably.

Other changes include massive cleanups and fixes, code refactoring, and
changes that should finally make the -b (basedir) option useful.

Please test and sign off.

Here comes the full shortlog:

Dave Reisner (52):
      init: don't attempt modprobe if $MODULES is empty
      mkinitcpio.conf: s/raid/mdadm/
      mkinitcpio: deprecate install() in install hooks
      dmesg: remove install/hook
      functions: cleanup and refactor add_binary
      functions: refactor add_module
      functions: remove add_device
      functions: remove add_symlink2
      use bsdcpio to create images
      functions: refactor add_file
      functions: document hook API
      mkinitcpio.conf: note implicit support for lzop
      mkinitcpio: use simple PEs instead of externals
      mkinitcpio: allow specifying kernel ver as path to image
      lsinitcpio: new utility to dump contents of images
      Makefile: refactor and simplify
      mkinitcpio: bashify preset build loop
      use consistent vim modelines
      declare all variables in mkinitcpio
      mkinitcpio: refactor and bashify early path calculations
      declare SAVELIST, QUIET, SHOW_AUTOMODS as faux booleans
      mkinitcpio: remove cruft in getopts loop
      overhaul output, introducing color
      functions: refactor add_symlink
      functions: simplify parse_hook
      mkinitcpio: bashification, part 1/2
      mkinitcpio: bashification, part 2/2
      add -t option to specify alternate build directory
      install/keymap: refactor and bashify
      mkinitcpio: declare usage as a heredoc
      remove support for -m to add a startup message
      install/base: cleanup and simplify
      functions: remove get_module_name
      init: declare PATH, remove absolute paths
      init: remove unnecessary variable declarations
      mkinitcpio: allow overriding the compression method
      mkinitcpio: only show usage on request
      mkinitcpio.5: alphabetize options for easier nav
      README: update copyright year, add self as author
      mkinitcpio: catch errors in parse_hook
      add a PKGBUILD for easier testing from the repo
      mkinitcpio: allow absolute paths to preset files
      install/{sata,pata,scsi}: cleanup and simplify
      properly support $BASEDIR
      install/autodetect: refactor and simplify hook
      functions: support $BASEDIR in modprobe
      Makefile: the Makefile itself is a dep for the manpage
      functions: add missing 'command' before install
      functions: s/basedir/BASEDIR/
      functions: fix pathing issue with $BASEDIR
      install/base: use private API call to add config
      mkinitcpio: fix resolution issues with RTLD

Eric Bélanger (1):
      Added usbinput to default hooks (implements FS#19328)

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi (3):
      Fix some install hooks due recent change in all_modules()
      Add missing /etc/bash_completion.d in Makefile
      Add asciidoc as makedepends in private PKGBUILD.

Sebastien Luttringer (6):
      Add bash completion to mkinitcpio
      Fix printing of bash usage when asking for a bad hook
      Print pretty message if no help is defined in hook
      Use error function instead of echo
      Add lsinitcpio bash completion
      Use _get_comp_words_by_ref in bash completion

Thomas Bächler (7):
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/seblu/arch-mkinitcpio
into working
      Remove old '-m' option from bash completion.
      emove old '-a' option from bash completion and fix '-s' option.
      Merge branch 'working'
      Add .gitignore file
      install/keymap: fix installation ($buildroot -> $BUILDROOT)
      Release version 0.7

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