[arch-dev-public] PKGBUILD.com devtools

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri Mar 18 18:59:18 EDT 2011

On 19/03/11 08:42, Jan Steffens wrote:
> Our PKGBUILD.com build server is now tentatively running my devtools patchset.
> User-visible changes should be:
> --- *-build now always requires sudo. This used to be inconsistent,
> requiring sudo only for -c.
> --- All chroots are now kept in /var/tmp/archbuild, a btrfs volume.
> --- All chroot copies are kept in btrfs subvolumes.
> --- makechrootpkg will now name the chroot copy after your username
> instead of simply "copy", e.g. /var/tmp/archbuild/extra-x86_64/johndoe
> --- mkarchroot and makechrootpkg will lock chroots that are in use.
> This means builds using the same chroot copy will be serialized
> instead of simply failing.
> TLDR: You should be able to continue using the devtools helpers as
> usual. Just note: *-build requires sudo, chroots are in
> /var/tmp/archbuild.
> Please report any problems.

Where can I put a chroot (temporarily) to ensure it will not be deleted 
unless I manually do it?  I had a bunch of gcc test suite log files from 
my last build sitting in my chroots for use in tracking down failures 
and these have now been removed?


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