[arch-dev-public] [signoff] mkinitcpio 0.6.9-1

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Mar 27 09:33:14 EDT 2011

This release fixes some, but not all known bugs. It adds support for xz
compressed initramfs. It also includes some massive performance
improvements from Dan, which you should especially notice on crappy CPUs
like Atom.

Please sign off.

Dan McGee (8):
      Move output functions to top of functions file
      Add new helper functions
      Use new get_module_name function
      Use new helper functions instead of system commands
      Short circuit add module if it already exists in image
      Add bash in_array function
      Keep an array of added modules to prevent expensive lookups
      Use install instead of mkdir/cp

Dave Reisner (1):
      Set pipefail before running get_init_cpio

Thomas Bächler (9):
      Enhance sleep hook to watch for device availability
      poll_device: Remove -h
      Remove some obsolete 'export's
      Revert "mkinitcpio: mount real root device instead of symlink"
      Use in_array instead of grep -w when checking SKIPHOOKS.
      poll_device: use 'echo' instead of 'msg'.
      Improve compression in mkinitcpio
      Simplify root file system detection
      Release mkinitcpio 0.6.9

Tobias Powalowski (3):
      add DAC960 scsi module to scsi hook again
      add loop module to avoid error messages from btrfs device scan
      remove loop from btrfs again, not needed

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