[arch-dev-public] KDE 4.7beta1 in [kde-unstable]

Andrea Scarpino andrea at archlinux.org
Wed May 25 13:31:57 EDT 2011

Hi all,
the first beta of the new major release of KDE 4.7 is out and is already 
packaged in [kde-unstable].

As you already know KDE is (slowly) moving to GIT; with this transition some 
KDE module has been splitted into subprojects, others modules will be splitted 
during this beta cycle and others modules will be splitted before KDE 4.8.

The result of this is that some package (e.g. kdegraphics-libs) is now 
splitted in several packages and each conflicts with the old, so you have to 
remove it when pacman asks for its removal during the update.

See the KDE announcement[1] for upstream changes.

Arch Linux Changes:
- kdegraphics-libs is now splitted in: kdegraphics-ksaneplugin, kdegraphics-
strigi-analyzer, kdegraphics-svgpart, kdegraphics-thumbnailers, libkdcraw, 
libkexiv2, libkipi, libksane
- kdebindings-csharp is now splitted in: kdebindings-qyoto, kdebindings-kimono
- kdebindings-ruby is now splitted in: kdebindings-qtruby, kdebindings-
- kdebindings-smoke is now splitted in: kdebindings-smokegen, kdebindings-
smokeqt, kdebindings-smokekde
- New packages: kdebindings-kimono, kdebindings-korundum, kdebindings-perlkde, 
kdebindings-perlqt, kdebindings-qtruby, kdebindings-qyoto, kdebindings-
smokegen, kdebindings-smokekde, kdebindings-smokeqt, kdebase-konq-plugins, 
kde-wallpapers, libkface, libkmap
- kdeedu-libkdeedu and kdeedu-data are both replaced by libkdeedu
- kdeaccessibility-colorschemes is replaced by kdeartwork-colorschemes
- kdeaccessibility-iconthemes is replaced by kdeartwork-iconthemes

The following packages depend on kdegraphics-libs and thus are now broken:
- digikam (now depends on 'libkexiv2')
- kipi-plugins (now depends on 'libkexiv2' 'libkdcraw' 'libkipi' 'libksane')
- koffice-krita (now depends on 'libkdcraw')
- skanlite (now depends on 'libksane')
- tellico (now depends on 'libksane')
- kphotoalbum (now depends on 'libkdcraw' 'libkipi')

Read the wiki page[2] about [kde-unstable] if you want to use these packages, 
please remember [testing] is needed and follow arch-dev-public.

I started a new thread about KDE 4.7 here[3].

Also, the first beta of the Calligra Suite is in [kde-unstable] since May 19th 
and packages are built to replace the KOffice suite. Please use the thread[4] 
about Calligra to report packaging bugs.

Please report any packaging bug to https://bugs.archlinux.org.
KDE bugs to https://bugs.kde.org.

[1] http://kde.org/announcements/announce-4.7-beta1.php
[2] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/DeveloperWiki:KDE#Using_the_kde-
[3] https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=119693
[4] https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=119305 


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