[arch-dev-public] [signoff] udev-171-1

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Fri May 27 08:12:35 EDT 2011

Hi guys,

udev-171 is now out and moved to testing.

udev-170 stayed in testing for one week, and my removal of some of our
custom rules revealed an upstream bug. This has now been fixed
upstream, so 171 should be ready to move to core.

Please test and signoff.



Upstream changes since udev-168:

udev 171

The systemd service files require systemd version 28. The systemd
socket activation make it possible now to start 'udevd' and 'udevadm
trigger' in parallel.

udev 170
Fix bug in control message handling, which can lead to a failing
udevadm control --exit. Thanks to Jürg Billeter for help tracking
it down.

udev 169

We require at least Linux kernel 2.6.32 now. Some platforms might
require a later kernel that supports accept4() and similar, or
need to backport the trivial syscall wiring to the older kernels.

The hid2hci tool moved to the bluez package and was removed.

Many of the extras can be --enable/--disabled at ./configure
time. The --disable-extras option was removed. Some extras have
been disabled by default. The current options and their defaults
can be checked with './configure --help'.

Packaging changes (unchanged since udev-169):

* we no longer disable error logging. This can be done manually if
needed, but the lack of error messages makes finding errors harder.
Besides, if the messages are truly unnecessary it should be reported
* we no longer maintain our own custom cd symlinks. This change is
just to get closer to upstream, and it does not lose significant
functionality (also, the custom script is likely to bitrot).
* we longer autoload oss emulation modules. This can be added to
MODULES in rc.conf if needed, but is not needed by most people and
causes problems for some, so don't do i by default. In the future we
will not load any modules by default except for what is done upstream.
This seemed the most obvious, so changed it first.
* we no longer provide persistent net/cd autogeneration rules. This is
deprecated upstream and should be done as explained on the arch wiki.

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