[arch-dev-public] [signoff] dialog-1.1_20111020-1

Stéphane Gaudreault stephane at archlinux.org
Fri Nov 4 18:43:52 EDT 2011

* Upstream update
* Signed pkg

Please test and signoff


Changelog :

	+ fix --analyze warnings for clang versions 2.8, 2.9.
	+ add configure check for lint program.
	+ add check in dlg_getc() in case its window is freed as a side effect
	  of removing callbacks.
	+ fix logic in freeing subwindows (report by xDog Walker).
	+ fix a regression in logic distinguishing between inputmenu and menu
	  widgets (report by xDog Walker).
	+ minor fixes to library manpage.

	+ modify header-sh.in to work around limit on sed script length on
	+ add a special case of parameter parsing for "--trace" to the
	  initialization done before calling init_dialog(), to allow users to
	  capture the initial state of the parameter list before any options
	  are processed and removed.  This is only done if "--trace" is the
	  first option, otherwise it is handled in the common options as before
	  (report by xDog Walker).
	+ modify samples/testdata-8bit, discarding $1 from the parameter list
	  if it was used, so that the source'ing scripts can consistently use
	  "$@" to insert parameters before the widget, e.g., as an alternative
	  to using $DIALOGOPTS (report by xDog Walker).
	+ modify treatment of function pointers in menubox.c, make
	  dlg_renamed_menutext() and dlg_dummy_menutext() visible to library
	  users (request by xDog Walker).
	+ add dlg_count_real_columns(), use to modify centering for "--hline"
	  text to account for "\Z"s (report by xDog Walker).
	+ improve check in dlg_draw_arrows2() for conflict between the window
	  title and up-arrow marker to take into account that the given window
	  may not be the top-level window of the widget.
	+ change width of page up/down mouse areas in fselect panes to use the
	  full width of the panes rather than only the portion from the left
	  margin to the up/down arrow.
	+ add/use dlg_draw_box2() and dlg_draw_bottom_box2() to use the
	  secondary borders.
	+ modify rc-file read/write to accept/generate color values that refer
	  to previously-processed items in the color table.  This reduces the
	  number of distinct colors that must be specified to set up a color
	+ add color table entries for secondary borders, i.e., the ones that
	  are normally drawn with the dialog's text-colors (Debian #641168).
	+ modify fselect.c to scan the current directory if the input field
	  happens to be empty (Debian #640905).
	+ repeated the discussion of environment variables that can override
	  the exit-status values in the manpage's return-codes section
	  (Debian #642105).
	+ add an example to the manpage showing how to override the form
	  widget's keys used for field/button traversal (Debian #642108).
	+ modify call to dlg_register_window() in formbox.c so that the editing
	  bindings are attached to the form sub-window rather than the
	  top-level dialog window.  Also change the name by which the editing
	  bindings are bound for editbox.c, fselect.c and inputbox.c, so that
	  the editing and navigation bindings can be different.
	+ correct logic in dlg_lookup_key() so that it matches the widget name
	  before using a binding from .dialogrc, allowing the inner/outer
	  windows of form and other editing widgets to have different bindings.
	+ modify dlg_register_window() to call dlg_dump_window_keys() after
	  its updates, via the --trace output, to supplement the manpage
	  description of key bindings (Debian #642108).
	+ add DLGK_FORM_PREV and DLGK_FORM_NEXT key-bindings to form.c, to
	  allow binding a single key to traverse both form-fields and buttons
	  (Debian #642108).
	+ modify dlg_parse_rc() to check for error return from
	+ add function dlg_dump_window_keys(), to help with debugging widgets.
	+ add CR, LF, TAB, FF and ESC to table of curses names to help make
	  key bindings more readable.
	+ update table of dialog key-names so that helpfile and trace are
	  dumped properly.
	+ correct dlg_dump_keys(), which was showing only the first item in
	  the matched binding table.
	+ save/restore window current position in dlg_update_mixedgauge().
	+ pass return-code from pause_for_ok() from dlg_progressbox() when
	  pauseopt is set, rather than only DLG_OK.
	+ call setlocale() in init_dialog() rather than relying on on-demand
	  use within inputstr.c, since there are paths in textbox widget which
	  do not exercise the latter (report by xDog Walker).
	+ fix some places where checks for "\Z" were done without also checking
	  dialog_vars.colors (report by Moray Henderson).
	+ correct logic for DIALOGOPTS parsing so that the parse happens only
	  once unless memory leak checking is enabled (report by xDog Walker).
	+ remove an incorrect free() call in dlg_free_gauge() (report by xDog
	+ modify dlg_trace_win() to log wide-characters (report by xDog Walker).
	+ make traces shorter by skipping repeated ERR's, but showing the
	  number skipped (report by xDog Walker).
	+ improve description in manpage to distinguish program box and
	  progress box from tailboxes (adapted from email by xDog Walker).
	+ modify dlg_trace_win() so that it looks for the topmost window in a
	  dialog.  Because subwindows share space with the top window, tracing
	  the latter shows the whole widget (report by xDog Walker).
	+ expand tracing so that each window is traced before soliciting input,
	  making the ^T feature to print a window on demand partly redundant
	  (suggested by xDog Walker).
	+ cosmetic change in dialog.h to avoid "*/*" strings from comments next
	  to "*" (report by xDog Walker).
	+ ensure result from dlg_align_columns() has trailing null on each
	  string.  Analysis was hindered by libc6's continuance of libc5's
	  early-1990s misfeature of clearing the result from malloc, noting
	  that libc6's documentation incorrectly claims that it does not do
	  this (report by xDog Walker).

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