[arch-dev-public] qt 4.8.0-rc1 breaks konsolepart and terminus-font

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Mon Nov 7 15:48:21 EST 2011

Am 07.11.2011 21:41, schrieb Ionut Biru:
> On 11/07/2011 10:32 PM, Andrea Scarpino wrote:
>> On Monday 07 November 2011 22:10:21 Ionut Biru wrote:
>>> thanks a lot for wasting our time. right now your qt package, which
>>> shouldn't be in any public repository because is a freaking rc, blocks
>>> our ffmpeg.
>>> every package that is in testing and community-testing and depends on qt
>>> has to be rebuilt again if we want to move stuff in extra.
>>> thanks a lot and i really really really want to remove that from testing.
>> Oh right, we've to move ffmpeg ASAP otherwise...uh wait, otherwise what
>> happens?
> applications won't start, i can't move virtualbox anything.
>> Just wait for 4.8.0 stable. Isn't so far away.
> that is what you say for the past 20 days.
> drop it, let us fix our packages and only when is final you are
> allowed to push that stuff into testing.

When is the release date of Qt 4.8 and will it have the KDE issues
(font rendering and crashes) fixed?

Ioni has a point here though. Having packages in testing for too long
tends to block other packages and rebuilds. So as a rule of thumb I
would suggest that we don't put packages into testing that we wont
release to extra as-is. This is esp. the case for beta software or
release candidates.

So right, if the release of Qt 4.8 is unknown we might be better off to
revert this changes or move them to kde-unstable which is depends on
testing anyway. 

Pierre Schmitz, http://pierre-schmitz.com

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