[arch-dev-public] [release][signoff] mkinitcpio 0.7.3

Dave Reisner d at falconindy.com
Tue Oct 4 20:12:36 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce the release of mkinitcpio 0.7.3. This is largely
a maintenance release with a number of bugfixes and cleanups. I've
highlighted the new features and some of the bug fixes below, followed by
the full shortlog.

Thanks to Sebastien Luttringer and Florian Pritz for their contributions
in this release.

Please test and signoff.


- The 'keymap' and 'consolefont' hooks now source /etc/rc.conf instead of
  parsing the file. This allows for better support by non-sysvinit init
  systems. Implements FS#24685.
- Modules in build hooks as well as in the MODULES array of
  mkinitcpio.conf can be suffixed with a '?' character. If the module is
  not found, it's considerd a soft failure and no error is reported.
  Implements FS#25096.
- Early userspace now supports dropping to a shell before or after
  mounting the root device. The kernel commandline syntax leverages the
  'break' variable with the values 'premount' and 'postmount'. The
  former behavior remains unchanged, and is a synonym for 'premount'.
- Introduce a new 'virtio' build hook for use with QEMU.

- Properly delimit data from /sys to work around modalias files with bad
  data. Fixes FS#25450.
- Compare constants to variable values, rather than the reverse. This
  prevents an error on parsing grub2 ROOT_IMAGE variables. Fixes
- Mount /run with exec permissions. This is done to mirror initscripts.
- Perform path lookup for binaries with respect to a given basedir
  instead of the real root.
- Insist that /dev and /proc be mounted at runtime. Required for usage
  of bash's process substitutions.
- Explicitly create the buildroot rather than letting it be created by
  the first run build hook. This avoids errors when HOOKS is empty, as
  seen in https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=966344.

Dave Reisner (29):
      mkinitcpio: add --quiet to bsdcpio without -v
      functions: restore verbose feedback to add_module
      autodetect: add verbose feedback on autodetect success
      mkinitcpio: reference -h on failed option parsing
      install/consolefont: cleanup and refactor
      keymap/consolefont: source rc.conf properly from $BASEDIR
      keymap: simplify unicode detection
      cleanup and bashify install hooks
      base: remove superfluous leading /
      functions: allow ignoring errors on module addition
      functions: refactor get_{base,dir}name
      functions: perform path lookup for binaries if needed
      functions: specify the delimiter to xargs
      ensure local scoping of variables
      mkinitcpio: simplify setting of SKIPHOOKS
      mkinitcpio: fix whitespace errors in error messages
      mkinitcpio: explicitly create $BUILDROOT
      mkinitcpio: keep going even when a hook isn't found
      mkinitcpio: insist that /dev and /proc be mounted
      init: support breaks before and after mounting root
      init: allow /run to be mounted with exec perms
      lsinitcpio: disable color when stdout isn't a tty
      lsinitcpio: follow symlinks only when necessary
      functions: fix output order in _add_symlink
      use correct variable to reference compression method
      init_functions: use constants on LHS of tests
      remove duplicate "error" in error message
      example.preset: update for newer style syntax
      mkinitcpio: avoid creating savelist in main loop

Florian Pritz (2):
      generate VERSION only for the tarball
      harden version generation

Sebastien Luttringer (1):
      Add a virtio hook

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