[arch-dev-public] [signoff] libevent 2.0.15-1

Ionut Biru ibiru at archlinux.org
Wed Oct 19 16:53:39 EDT 2011

On 10/18/2011 11:10 PM, Eric Bélanger wrote:
> Hi,
> libevent 2.0.15-1is in testing for an upstream update. Please test and signoff.
> Eric
> Changes in version 2.0.15-stable (12 Oct 2011)
>   o DNS: add ttl for negative answers using RFC 2308 idea. (f72e8f6
> Leonid Evdokimov)
>   o Add DNS_ERR_NODATA error code to handle empty replies. (94fba5b
> Leonid Evdokimov)
> BUFGIXES (bufferevents and evbuffers):
>   o Make evbuffer callbacks get the right n_added value after
> evbuffer_add (1ef1f68 Alex)
>   o Prefer mmap to sendfile unless a DRAINS_TO_FD flag is set. Allows
> add_file to work with SSL. (0ba0af9)
> BUGFIXES (event loop):
>   o When a signal callback is activated to run multiple times, allow
> event_base_loopbreak to work even before they all have run. (4e8eb6a)
>   o Fix docstring in dns.h (2b6eae5 Leonid Evdokimov)
>   o refer to non-deprecated evdns functions in comments (ba5c27d Greg Hazel)
>   o le-proxy and regress depend on openssl directly (9ae061a Sergey Avseyev)
>   o Use _SOURCES, not _sources, in sample/Makefile.am (7f82382)
>   o Fixed compiler warnings for unchecked read/write calls. (c3b62fd Mark Ellzey)
>   o Make write-checking fixes use tt_fail_perror (2b76847)
>   o Fix some "value never used" warnings with gcc 4.6.1 (39c0cf7)
> Changes in version 2.0.14-stable (31 Aug 2011)
> BUGFIXES (bufferevents and evbuffers):
>   o Propagate errors on the underlying bufferevent to the user.
> (4a34394 Joachim Bauch)
>   o Ignore OpenSSL deprecation warnings on OS X (5d1b255 Sebastian Hahn)
>   o Fix handling of group rate limits under 64 bytes of burst (6d5440e)
>   o Solaris sendfile: correctly detect amount of data sent (643922e Michael Herf)
>   o Make rate limiting work with common_timeout logic (5b18f13)
>   o clear read watermark on underlying bufferevent when creating
> filtering bev to fix potentially failing fragmented ssl handshakes
> (54f7e61 Joachim Bauch)
>   o IOCP: don't launch reads or writes on an unconnected socket (495c227)
>   o Make IOCP rate-limiting group support stricter and less surprising. (a98da7b)
>   o Have test-ratelim.c support IOCP (0ff2c5a)
>   o Make overlapped reads result in evbuffer callbacks getting invoked (6acfbdd)
>   o Correctly terminate IO on an async bufferevent on bufferevent_free (e6af35d)
> BUGFIXES (other):
>   o Fix evsig_dealloc memory leak with debugging turned on. (9b724b2
> Leonid Evdokimov)
>   o Fix request_finished memory leak with debugging turned on. (aff6ba1
> Leonid Evdokimov)
>   o Allow OS-neutral builds for platforms where some versions have
> arc4random_buf (b442302 Mitchell Livingston)
>   o Try to fix 'make distcheck' errors when building out-of-tree
> (04656ea Dave Hart)
>   o Clean up some problems identified by Coverity. (7c11e51 Harlan Stenn)

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