[arch-dev-public] [signoff] sudo-1.8.3-1

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Oct 22 09:47:58 EDT 2011

Upstream update.

Signoff both,

What's new in Sudo 1.8.3?

  * Fixed expansion of strftime() escape sequences in the "log_dir"
    sudoers setting.

  * Esperanto, Italian and Japanese translations from 

  * Sudo will now use PAM by default on AIX 6 and higher.

  * Added --enable-werror configure option for gcc's -Werror flag.

  * Visudo no longer assumes all editors support the +linenumber
    command line argument.  It now uses a whitelist of editors known
    to support the option.

  * Fixed matching of network addresses when a netmask is specified
    but the address is not the first one in the CIDR block.

  * The configure script now check whether or not errno.h declares
    the errno variable.  Previously, sudo would always declare errno
    itself for older systems that don't declare it in errno.h.

  * The NOPASSWD tag is now honored for denied commands too, which
    matches historic sudo behavior (prior to sudo 1.7.0).

  * Sudo now honors the "DEREF" setting in ldap.conf which controls
    how alias dereferencing is done during an LDAP search.

  * A symbol conflict with the pam_ssh_agent_auth PAM module that
    would cause a crash been resolved.

  * The inability to load a group provider plugin is no longer
    a fatal error.

  * A potential crash in the utmp handling code has been fixed.

  * Two PAM session issues have been resolved.  In previous versions
    of sudo, the PAM session was opened as one user and closed as
    another.  Additionally, if no authentication was performed, the
    PAM session would never be closed.

  * Sudo will now work correctly with LDAP-based sudoers using TLS
    or SSL on Debian systems.

  * The LOGNAME, USER and USERNAME environment variables are preserved
    correctly again in sudoedit mode.

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