[arch-dev-public] [signoff] tzdata 2011k-1

Andreas Radke andyrtr at archlinux.org
Mon Sep 26 15:12:56 EDT 2011

Upstream update. Please give signoffs.


The files...
...are now available; these reflect the changes circulated in the last
two weeks on the time zone mailing list.

It's one of the two times of year when we can expect frequent updates as
countries change their rules; folks who want to avoid version churn may
want to wait on updating.


The file...
...is now available; this reflects the changes circulated recently on
the times zone mailing list (contemporary changes for Samoa; past
changes for Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania); there are also two spelling
corrections to comments in the australasia file (with thanks to
Christos Zoulas).

I expect another version will appear soon to handle changes in the
Middle East (and perhaps in Russia); folks seeking to avoid version
churn may want to wait a bit.


The file...
...is now available; this reflects changes circulated last week on the
time zone mailing list.

I plan to send out two requests for information about Belarus, Russia,
and Ukraine within a day.


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