[arch-dev-public] [signoff] glib2 2.30.0

Ionut Biru ibiru at archlinux.org
Wed Sep 28 15:47:29 EDT 2011


Changes and features: 

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In addition to hundreds of bug fixes and enhancements made this cycle,
the following major features were added:

  - GDBus has been improved by the addition of a high-level object
    manager and code generation facilities that make use of it.  See
    for more information.

  - GLib has added an extensible TLS database where certificates and keys
    can be found and used, laying the foundation for integration with
    smart cards and other key stores.  GLib now also supports HMAC
    hashes (which are used when implementing web technologies like OAuth).

  - The atomic operations have been expanded to include bit operations
    (and, or, xor) and so that all operations are supported on
    pointer-sized operands.  The implementation has been made more
    correct and performant by way of GCC intrinsics and better use of the
    Interlocked API on Windows.  Bitlocks now work on pointer-sized

  - New API has been added to allow UNIX signals to be dispatched via the
    mainloop.  Additionally, there is a new UNIX-specific API to allow
    race-free creation of close-on-exec pipes with a fallback on
    platforms where this is not possible.

  - GMainContext and GCancellable now use eventfd when available, instead
    of less efficient pipe pairs.

  - GApplication now supports non-single-instance applications.


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