[arch-dev-public] Migration to systemd

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Wed Aug 15 12:53:34 EDT 2012

On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 6:41 PM, Stéphane Gaudreault
<stephane at archlinux.org> wrote:
> (1) and (2) could be done after the missing unit files rebuild is over. They
> should probably be announced at the same time as I expect that some users
> will prefer a fresh install instead of "upgrading".
> (3) Maybe this could be done in preparation of the gnome 3.6.0 release
> scheduled at the end of September.

That would be nice, if we are ready by then. Let's see what sorts of
problems crop up and how fast we are at adding service files.

> (4) There is no rush to do that, but users need to know that it _will_
> happen.

I think the important point is that (3) will happen. I.e., that
"fancy" stuff will certainly stop working without systemd at some
point (soon). The eventual fate of initscripts we could get back to
(no promises made in either direction). Though, we should make it very
clear that people _should_ prepare for its eventual demise. By that I
mean, have a look at systemd at some point, and if it does not work
for you, report a bug so it can be fixed in good time before
initscripts is dropped.


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