[arch-dev-public] Migration to systemd

Andrea Scarpino andrea at archlinux.org
Wed Aug 15 14:26:52 EDT 2012

On Wednesday 15 August 2012 17:56:00 Thomas Bächler wrote:
> Another point: Someone on the so-called "official" G+ stated:
> "Arch will move to systemd only boot process..."
> As Tom stated (and he maintains systemd and initscripts), this is not
> true. This angers me because
> 1) Something untrue and/or unprecise is being posted on the "official" G+.
> 2) There are claims that this G+ is official. Neither our website, nor
> any place else states that there is an official Arch G+ (or Facebook)
> page and links to it. This G+ has not been approved by developers to be
> "official". Yet, someone here claims to be the official G+.
> This must stop. If we present ourselves on social media, I want it to be
> approved on the private mailing list first. And if someone starts that
> discussion, it will get a big -1 from me.

Well, I created that page on January and since then _we_ (managers' page: me, 
Ionut, Ray, s, Daniel) never write something which wasn't announced by our 
website. Until today.

I don't know who write that (neither I wanna know), but you pointed out 
something true, so I already removed the "official" suffix from our page and 
"fixed" the post about systemd. I hope this is ok now.


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