[arch-dev-public] Adding {lib32-}libtxc_dxtn_s2tc in community/multilib

Laurent Carlier lordheavym at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 17:59:04 EST 2012

"S2TC is a patent-free S3TC compatible implementation and provides
 texture compression to Mesa. The package also includes tools to 
 compress/decompress S2TC textures and convert S3TC textures to
 S2TC ones using the patent-free algorithm."

Plan is to add these packages in community/multilib. These packages are patent 
free S3TC implementation instead of libtxc_dxtn. These are already part of 
Ubuntu and Debian.

There was a bug with etqw/quake4 that i've just fixed, so currently it's 
pretty bug-free.

These packages are not filling requirement, but are essential for games, as 
these usually need S3TC support.


S2TC on github:

Laurent Carlier
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