[arch-dev-public] Worthless out of tree kernel modules

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Wed Feb 15 03:55:28 EST 2012

Am 15.02.2012 09:45, schrieb Thomas Bächler:
> Am 15.02.2012 08:23, schrieb Tobias Powalowski:
>> Am 15.02.2012 06:54, schrieb Pierre Schmitz:
>>> Am 15.02.2012 01:20, schrieb Dan McGee:
>>>> Guys,
>>>> Why on earth are we maintaining any of the following?
>>>> * fcpci- pkgrel of 66
>>>> * fcpcmcia- pkgrel of 62
>>>> * slmodem- pkgrel of 62, not even available for x86_64
>>>> Frankly, if these can't make the cut to land in the kernel tree after
>>>> 10 years, we are wasting our time packaging them. Might as well safe
>>>> the kernel packagers some headaches.
>>>> -Dan
>> Only fcpci and fcpcmcia support capi2.0 which is needed for isdn hylafax
>> capability.
>> This can be dropped when the isdn userland tools will fully support
>> capi2.0 which is worked on for a while.
>> I'm happy if I don't need to build those anymore.
>> I guess this year they can finally die.
> What about slmodem then? I doubt anyone actually uses that.

Looking at the pkgbuild makes me cry; I also wonder why we use a
version from 2008 with patches when there is a new one from 2011. But
anyway, usage of that package is below a measurable threshold.

But in general I don't care that much as long as people maintain these.
Dropping useless orphaned packages is fine though.

Pierre Schmitz, http://pierre-schmitz.com

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