[arch-dev-public] Google Summer of Code

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 12:07:40 EST 2012

I know Angel tried to get this going last year and it didn't go very
far. Let's try to change that this year.

Here is the starting page from last year:

What we need from us:
* Ideas added to the page that are more than one word. Add what you
can, but at some point, these likely need to be paragraph-long
descriptions of a project that potential students can look at and
apply for.
* Mentors. I can't stress this enough. I think this is why this fell
down last year, but doing this is huge, because for a small investment
of our time, we get a large investment of student time.

I plan on flushing out the pacman section a bit more after consulting
with my fellow pacman devs and looking at our future roadmap and bug
reports. Please add any and all project ideas you can think of to the
list, and we can worry about cleaning it up later, as we aren't having
to submit anything to Google yet.


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