[arch-dev-public] Mono and "xyz"-sharp (mono-related) packages in our repos

Daniel Isenmann daniel.isenmann at gmx.de
Wed Feb 29 08:31:13 EST 2012


I know that some of you avoid to install any of the mono or mono-related 
packages. But that's another topic, so no posts about how "bad" mono is 
or similar, don't want to start a flame war here.

We have plenty of mono and mono related packages in our repo, most of 
them are maintained by me. Some "xyz"-sharp library packages are 
maintained by other devs. Recently Pierre moved banshee out of our repo 
because it was unmaintained and no one wanted to maintain it. I have put 
it back to our repo, because I use it as my main media player and didn't 
know that it was unmaintained. But that is too much information for this 

Back to business: just a short call from my side to you, if you no 
longer want to maintain a "xyz"-sharp library package or other mono 
related package and you are thinking about moving it to the AUR or 
community, then please contact me first. I'm more than willing to adopt 
any mono related package in our repo to keep our mono stack up-to-date.

That's all...thanks.


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