[arch-dev-public] Reorganizing CPU ucode updates

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Sun Jan 8 16:04:53 EST 2012

On 08.01.2012 21:50, Thomas Bächler wrote:
> With this setup, a user simply needs to add the 'microcode' module in
> rc.conf, and the ucode update will be applied automatically. As Tom
> tells me, future linux versions will even autoload microcode when
> appropriate.

Sounds awesome. I actually never bothered setting up microcode updates
on my boxes. Does it help at all? (performance, bugs, whatever)

> One issue is package naming: We could stick with the usual "source
> tarball == package name" paradigm, but that means that the Intel package
> is named 'microcode', while the AMD package is named 'amd-ucode' (like
> it is commited to SVN now). I would prefer calling the Intel package
> 'intel-ucode', which would be consistent with the AMD version and also
> match the name of the /lib/firmware/ subdirectory.

What about intel-ucode (with a provides=microcode) and amd-ucode?
That way pacman -S microcode will work as expected and the package will
have the correct name.

Florian Pritz

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