[arch-dev-public] java-7-openjdk has been splitted

Andreas Radke andyrtr at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 9 15:34:58 EST 2012

To satisfy server admins not forcing them install lots of typical
desktop deps (FS#27621) I've reworked our (openjdk7) JRE pkg and now
it's splitted into jre7-opnjdk-headless and an addon jre7-openjdk
desktop package. (I've followed Debian here, they do a good job here).

I expect some people crying again "hell no, no more splitting..." but
who cares. I have to satisfy the KISS people and also those that want
it slack and without useless crap on their disc.

Packages are in testing. Please test them well. The packages are meant
to prepare the 7u2 Icedtea update expected within the next few weeks.

The update path should be smooth. Everything should work after an -Syu
and if you don't need the desktop stuff feel free to -R jre7-openjdk.

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