[arch-dev-public] udev-177

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Thu Jan 12 15:52:14 EST 2012

Hi guys,

udev-177 is now in [testing], and a few words of caution are in order.

Firstly, don't be alarmed by the warnings mkinitcpio will spit out
when using udev-177, these are harmless and will go away in the next
mkinitcpio release (which will move to core together with udev-177).

A lot changed in this release, in particular

* the build system was changed around and the standard install
locations were changed. I did my best to change everything back, as we
are not ready to move /bin to /usr/bin yet.

* blkid and modprobe are no longer used, instead their respective
libraries are used in internal tools.

Both of these things might have caused some bugs, so please let me
know if you notice anything.

* as have been mentioned previously devtmpfs is now a hard requirement.

This release depends on kmod, which is currently under heavy
development. udev will therefore stay in testing until Dave decides
that kmod is ready for core.



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