[arch-dev-public] gcc-4.7.1-5 rebuild

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Jul 22 23:10:02 EDT 2012

On 22/07/12 17:25, Allan McRae wrote:
> On 22/07/12 17:24, Allan McRae wrote:
>> On 22/07/12 17:17, Eric Bélanger wrote:
>>> On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 1:21 AM, Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org> wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> gcc-4.7 introduced some c++11 support, but unfortunately this resulted
>>>> in a changed ABI for files compiled with c++98/03 support and those
>>>> complied with c++11.  So, if a library used c++11 but linked to a
>>>> library using c++98, there could be crashes due to incompatibilities
>>>> between these.
>>>> The gcc-4.7.1-5 package uses a snapshot with the needed patches to fix
>>>> this issue.  However, c++11 code compiled with any earlier 4.7.x version
>>>> possibly be incompatible with c++11 code compiled with gcc-4.7.1-5 and
>>>> above and anything compiled with c++98/03.
>>>> I have created a TODO list that includes everything linking to
>>>> libstdc++.so and that was built since gcc-4.7.0 entered the repos.  It
>>>> is a big list, but only software that used --std=c++11 when compiling
>>>> need recompiled.  Look at your build output (you do keep the logs for
>>>> future reference...) and decide if your package needs recompiled or not.
>>>> More details:
>>>> http://jaegerandi.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/gcc-47-c-abi-changes-and-opensuse-122.html
>>>> http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.7/changes.html
>>>> http://gcc.gnu.org/git/?p=gcc.git;a=commit;h=a245605f
>>>> http://gcc.gnu.org/git/?p=gcc.git;a=commit;h=74ca4097
>>> I noticed that you pushed the new gcc in the [testing] repo whereas
>>> rebuilds are usually done in [staging]. Is that wanted? If so, does
>>> the rebuilded packages go in [testing] repo?
>> Packages that are broken are already broken...   I don't even intend to
>> wait for the rebuild to be finished to move gcc to [core].
> Just to clarify, rebuilt packages should go in [testing] until gcc is
> signed off and moved.

And gcc-4.7.1-5 is now in [core].  I did not wait for the rebuild to
finish to push this as the situation get no worse in terms of what is
broken (in fact with the rebuilds completed already, things get less
broken...).  And it also stops the situation getting worse with packages
being compiled with the old gcc.

I think I moved all the relevant rebuilds out of the testing repos at
the same time.  If I missed anything, move it...


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