[arch-dev-public] [RFC, after the fact] initscripts config

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Wed Jul 25 12:16:01 EDT 2012

On Jul 25, 2012 2:04 PM, "Stéphane Gaudreault" <stephane at archlinux.org>
> I do not use systemd, but I support and appreciate your efforts to
> improve our initscript. However, I think that most of dissatisfaction
> that was recently expressed is caused by the lack of clarity surrounding
> our plans about systemd.
> My understanding is that systemd is truly superior and will inevitably
> become our default system. On the other hand, our traditional init will
> need to lose some of his "personality" during a transition that might be
> short or long (not clear). In this context, I wonder why don't we avoid
> duplication of effort and move to systemd right away?
> If we consider that systemd is not yet ready for Arch, I wouldbe more
> comfortable if we had a clear plan and timeline for the future transition.

If there is a consensus to move to systemd, I would support that. However,
I don't want to force a move.

If a move should happen, I suggest waiting a bit longer until more unit
files have been added to our various packages. And to allow some more time
to see if problems crop up.

Regardless of that, I think the current unification is the right thing to
do. Even if we never switch to systemd, this greatly reduces the
maintenance burden for me in the long run.

Should we switch to systemd soon, I still think this has been worth while
as it means the change will be more gentle on our users, and most
importantly, it has given us the chance to verify that no functionality is

Are there any objections or suggestions for improvements to the current
rc.conf+man page in testing?

I'll wait a bit longer before pushing a final version (there are some minor
improvements in git I'd like to include).



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