[arch-dev-public] why's gcc4.6 now in extra?

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Fri Jun 8 09:42:37 EDT 2012

[2012-06-08 14:14:18 +0300] Ionut Biru:
> On 06/08/2012 01:47 PM, Andreas Radke wrote:
> > I've seen the commit msg that FF would require it. We have a rule to
> > ask on our dev ML to ask for pkg additions. Here you would probably
> > have received a -1 because FF must be broken if it would not
> > compile/run with our recent gcc.
> I prefer to have a good working webgl backend in our firefox.
> I found it funny that you opened this discussion since you are the one
> that reported the bug.

It's polite to give people a heads up.

Regardless, why do we need gcc4.6 in [extra] if it's only a makedepends
of one package, and -I believe- a temporary one at that?



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