[arch-dev-public] New install iso - proof of concept

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Sat Jun 23 21:39:03 EDT 2012

[2012-06-23 21:14:23 +0200] Pierre Schmitz:
> * Decouple aif, install-scripts, archiso and actuall iso releases. This
> means have tags for those and provide packages in our repos.
> * It's not a bad thing to start off with an iso that does not include
> aif a first. This should actually speed up development and hopefully get
> us more help from the community.

That sounds great.

I would suggest that we hold off Dieter's call for help for now, and
wait until we can announce this ISO in the same news post. This should
give potential contributors a much clearer idea of where archiso and
friends are going, what parts of them need contributing, etc.



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