[arch-dev-public] openssl 1.0.1 might break some packages

Eric Bélanger snowmaniscool at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 20:20:27 EDT 2012

On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 1:57 PM, Pierre Schmitz <pierre at archlinux.de> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have put openssl 1.0.1 into [testing]. This version is still ABI
> compatible with previous versions and as such there was no soname bump.
> However, some application have some broken runtime checks and will
> refuse to work. If you find such issues a rebuild should temporary fix
> this. But make sure that this issue gets reported upstream.
> Let me know if you put any rebuilds into [testing] so I can move all
> these packages at once.
> See http://marc.info/?l=openssl-dev&m=133176786215023&w=2
> Greetings,
> Pierre

I've just put a rebuilt proftpd in [testing].


> --
> Pierre Schmitz, http://pierre-schmitz.com

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