[arch-dev-public] Big changes to LVM2 in testing

Lukas Jirkovsky l.jirkovsky at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 11:50:55 EDT 2012

On 1 November 2012 02:05, Thomas Bächler <thomas at archlinux.org> wrote:
> I discovered some new awesomeness in LVM2 (okay, not THAT new, but
> still, so far unknown to me).
> In our lvm2 package, I enabled lvmetad - this is a metadata caching
> daemon that reacts to events from udev. I completely reorganized our
> systemd and mkinitcpio lvm integration:
> * lvm.service and lvm-on-crypt.service are gone.
> * Once you install lvm2, lvmetad.socket and dmeventd.socket are always
> active in systemd.
> * If you need LVM monitoring, you need to enable lvm-monitoring.service
> (recommended if you use LVM, even if you don't know if you need
> monitoring). I didn't enable this by default because it would always
> start lvmetad.service.
> * LVM is fully hotplugged via udev. You don't need to activate anything,
> LVM volumes will just work. LVM no longer requires
> systemd-udev-settle.service and all the race conditions should be gone.
> * LVM in mkinitcpio is also fully hotplugged, lvmwait= is now a no-op.
> However, LVM in mkinitcpio now requires the udev hook.
> This requires that the use_lvmetad = 1 option is set in
> /etc/lvm/lvm.conf - this is now the default, but a .pacnew must be
> merged if it exists.
> You can restrict the hotplugging of the volume groups with the
> auto_activation_volume_list option in lvm.conf. If you uncomment that,
> only the listed volumes will be enabled. This is commented out by default.
> WARNING: If you have any incomplete or clustered volume groups, none of
> this will work yet! However, I doubt any Arch user uses that.

I think this deserves a post to the news sections, if you do not plan
to do that already.

Anyway, good work, I like these changes (getting rid of the race
conditions is a nice bonus).


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