[arch-dev-public] mdadm udev + initramfs (WAS: Re: Big changes to LVM2 in testing)

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Nov 4 11:25:22 EST 2012

Am 04.11.2012 17:19, schrieb Dave Reisner:
>> The solution would be to include the udev rules in the mdadm hook as
>> well, and just disable auto-assembly.
> This was always the sticking point -- is there a way to disable auto
> assembly but keep the rule file as is? I'd rather we didn't duplicate
> it.

There is, and it is incredibly stupid: The non-udev mdadm hook includes
'mdassemble' and not 'mdadm', and the udev rule uses 'mdadm'. If we add
the udev rule to the hook as it is, we're fine. Or we symlink mdadm to true.

>> While we're at it, I'd like to fix mdadm's udev rule to use
>> BUILTIN+="blkid" instead of manually calling blkid.
> This is definitely needed. I think the -o udev output from blkid is
> going away in u-l 2.23. The blkid builtin is already almost a year old
> -- would make more sense to just convince upstream to make the change.

Yes, we should report it to them, but we should also patch our version
of the rule.

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