[arch-dev-public] fmodex

Stéphane Gaudreault stephane at archlinux.org
Tue Nov 20 09:12:50 EST 2012

I just noticed that we have fmodex (a proprietary audio library) in 
[community]. Considering the discussion we had recently about steam, I 
think that the situation is similar here. The "FMOD Non-Commercial 
License" does not explicitely allow redistribution and allow only 
non-commercial use [1]. In the svn repository, there is a PERMISSION 
file [2], but it looks quite imprecise to me.

I am not very good in legal stuff, but I think that we need a more 
formal permission to redistribute a possibly modified version of this 
package and to make sure they won't sue us because of the 
"non-commercial" specification.


[1] http://www.fmod.org/fmod-sales.html

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