[arch-dev-public] Status of GNOME 3.6 in gnome-unstable

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Thu Oct 4 04:22:48 EDT 2012

 At this moment it looks like GNOME 3.6 is pretty much finished in 
 gnome-unstable and should be ready for a move to testing soon. Things 
 that come to my mind before we can declare this finished:
 - evolution-exchange has not been updated upstream and doesn't build
 - same for evolution-groupwise
 - we would like to have evolution-mapi packaged instead, but needs the 
 samba4 client libraries

 Another thing about libwebkit/webkitgtk:
 - webkitgtk3 in gnome-unstable is the GTK 3.x port of Webkitgtk, 
 version 1.10.x
 - libwebkit in extra builds libwebkit and libwebkit3, version 1.8.x

 I would like to rename libwebkit to webkitgtk2 and drop the GTK3 build 
 from that package. As long as webkitgtk2 1.10.x doesn't build, we should 
 stick to 1.8.x for the GTK2 version of this package. As the main 
 improvement of 1.10.x and higher is the addition of Webkit2 (which 
 requires GTK3 anyways), this is not a big issue.

 Besides these issues, we should check for bumped sonames and rebuild 
 any package that depends on these sonames. So far gnome-desktop has been 
 covered, but other packages like evolution-data-server come to my mind.

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