[arch-dev-public] Xorg-server 1.13/Mesa move to testing

Andreas Radke andyrtr at archlinux.org
Sat Oct 6 15:07:15 EDT 2012

The driver rebuilds in staging are done. So far these two drivers won't
build with the new 1.13 server (xaa acceleration has been removed):

sisimedia, unichrome

If we won't find a fix these will be removed from our repos. All other
drivers need some testing when they hit the testing repo. I'm going to
push all Xorg/Mesa packages to testing even when Mesa is still not
released. This will happen pretty soon and shouldn't harm our real life
testing. I'll keep updating mesa in testing then.

Xorg-xfs is useless nowadays and will be removed from the repos when
new Xorg hits extra.

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