[arch-dev-public] TU Removal -- Kaiting Chen

Lukas Fleischer archlinux at cryptocrack.de
Sun Oct 14 07:58:14 EDT 2012

* His last SVN commit was on 2012-05-10.
* Less than two SVN commits per month in the last ~1,5 years.
* Only participated in two of the last twelve TU votes.
* Pretty much inactive on the mailing lists.
* Inactive on the AUR (maintains a couple of outdated packages).
* Inactive on the bug tracker.
* Inactive on IRC.

I also sent reminder emails to him on 2011-09-04 and on 2011-10-10.

Kaiting, sorry to see you go this way. Feel free to reapply when you
have more free time!

Note that the voting period will start in three days as mentioned in the
"removal due to unwarranted and undeclared inactivity" paragraph of our

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