[arch-dev-public] Maintaining consolekit support in community

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Oct 19 08:41:48 EDT 2012

Am 19.10.2012 12:19, schrieb Andrea Scarpino:
> On Friday 19 October 2012 12:17:06 Lukas Jirkovsky wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'd like to maintain some basic support support for consolekit in
>> [community], more specifically the polkit-consolekit,
>> kdebase-workspace-consolekit packages and eventually consolekit
>> package itself as long as possible, if you're not against it.
>> I'm running kde (networkmanager) without systemd without problems on
>> my laptop with these packages.
> Please don't. We'll never drop initscripts this way.
> Use AUR instead.

As long as all bug reports for non-logind systems go straight to Lukas
(and whoever else maintains this), I don't care. If we don't have those
packages in community, they'll be in a third-party repository - and I
prefer having them in community in this case.

Regarding initscripts: Once Tom stops taking care of them, either
someone else will or they will be dropped. It doesn't concern me either way.

My only requirements are
1) Lukas takes care of the bugs.
2) It doesn't cause problems for those that don't use these packages.
3) It stays in community and doesn't touch core or extra.

It's a principle I claimed to follow in all those lengthy systemd
discussions: If someone wants to do this extra work, let them.

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