[arch-dev-public] (re-)adopt your python packages

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Oct 19 10:23:56 EDT 2012

Am 19.10.2012 15:52, schrieb Stéphane Gaudreault:
> Le 2012-10-19 09:11, Dan McGee a écrit :
>> Just a friendly reminder for those of you that rebuilt your python
>> packages recently for the 2/3 naming convention: if you changed the
>> 'pkgbase' value in the PKGBUILD, your package is probably listed as an
>> orphan in archweb. See the below link for a list of those that need
>> adopting:
>> https://www.archlinux.org/packages/?q=python&maintainer=orphan&limit=all&sort=-last_update
>> Thanks!
>> -Dan
> Hi Dan,
> Do you think it would be a good (and feasible) ideaif the person who
> upload a package for the first timewas automatically flagged as
> maintainer on archweb?

Feasible: Sure - first packager -> maintainer. Seems easy.

Does it make sense? No idea.

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