[arch-dev-public] Warning: remove /dev/pts from /etc/fstab - glibc-2.18 update

Peter Lewis plewis at aur.archlinux.org
Fri Aug 16 05:46:45 EDT 2013

On Thu, 15 Aug 2013, Allan McRae wrote:
> The update to glibc-2.18 removes pt_chown which is a security risk.  It
> is not needed on an Arch system given we have /dev/pts.
> However, some people appear to have /dev/pts in their /etc/fstab file,
> which generates it with the wrong permissions.  This will result in
> errors like "grantpt failed: Operation not permitted".
> To fix this, remove that line from your fstab file.  systemd will take
> care of generating /dev/pts with the right permissions.

Just a suggestion, but I think this might be worth a news item. I got stung by
this this morning, and couldn't log in (as my regular user, which automatically
spawns tmux on login). It wasn't at all obvious what the problem/solution was.

Just guessing that users might be caught by this who don't follow



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