[arch-dev-public] Kernel module package naming convention?

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Fri Aug 30 13:13:26 EDT 2013


A naming conflict on the AUR between jme-git (JMicron Ethernet Linux driver)
and jme-svn (jMonkey Engine) was recently brought to my attention. Currently,
the names of kernel module packages are identical to the internal names of the
modules recognized by e.g. modprobe and lsmod.

Given that libraries and modules for programming languages and other
applications follow a naming scheme that includes the target application's
prefix in the package name (python-foo, aspell-foo, etc.), it would be
consistent to do the same with kernel modules, e.g. "linux-foo".

I understand that there are likely a lot of packages that would be affected by
the adoption of such a naming scheme, but the migration could be done gradually
as packages are upgraded, with "provides" entries used to satisfy dependencies
during the transitional period.

Of course, a TODO list could manage this as well if you're up to it.

The guidelines would also need to be updated:



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