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Alexander Rødseth rodseth at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 15:08:30 EST 2013


2013/12/6 Gaetan Bisson <bisson at archlinux.org>:
>> Regardless of if it is correct that upstream should provide the
>> .desktop files or not, the current plan is not working. TUs and devs
>> are slow at reporting this as bugs and upstream are slow at
>> responding. At the current rate, this will take years, perhaps
>> decades. The current plan is not working.
> Why not?

As I wrote, I believe it is because TUs and devs are slow at reporting
this as bugs and upstream are slow at responding. If this was not the
answer you are looking for, please be more specific than just "why

I am less concerned with the exact mechanisms behind why the bug has
been open for so long, and more concerned with finding a solution.

> If a given package does not have a desktop file and nobody is bothered
> enough to write one up and submit it through our bug tracker, then that
> package does not really need a desktop file.

That depends on your point of view. From the point of view of users,
it may very well need a desktop file.
>From my point of view, I think every package maintainer should bother.

> So you suggest we use pacman hooks to deal with desktop files?

No, that is not what I am suggesting. I think I expressed clearly what
I am suggesting.

> Should service files be autogenerated as well?
> (I don't think so.)

Yes, I think that would work as well, but that is another topic entirely.

>> * Start fixing the packages (I will not fix the packages of
>> maintainers that wish to reserve themselves from this, of course).
> I object to any mass automated update of our PKGBUILDs.

No automated updates was mentioned and no automated updates were
planned. My intentions and my plan were expressed clearly in what I

No need to invent things to object to.

> Why are you making such a big deal

I disagree that I am.

> out of such an insignificant issue?

I disagree that it is insignificant. Why do you care about the things
you care about? I can call them insignificant too, but for what
purpose other than belittling you? I happen to care about this
particular issue.

> Packages for whom nobody has yet bothered to write a desktop file just
> have no need for one...

I disagree with this too. I think all desktop applications needs a
.desktop file.

- Alexander / xyproto

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