[arch-dev-public] Dropping sysvinit-tools

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Dec 9 04:31:44 EST 2013

Am 09.12.2013 08:31, schrieb Gaetan Bisson:
> [2013-12-06 07:04:54 -1000] Gaetan Bisson:
>> [2013-10-26 12:29:42 -0400] Dave Reisner:
>>> I'm open to arguments against this, but I suggest we drop sysvinit-tools
>>> after pidof is part of a release from procps-ng.
>> Let's do that once procps-ng-3.3.9-1 lands in [core].
> Done.

It's one of those little things that improve Arch. Dropping sysvinit
entirely is another step into the future.

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