[arch-dev-public] [RFC] Add Wayland/Weston

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Feb 8 04:20:13 EST 2013

Am 08.02.2013 01:23, schrieb Sébastien Luttringer:
> Hello gentleman,
> Wayland is now in version 1.0.4[1]. I plan to move it to community to
> offer a first support of the wayland protocol into Archlinux.
> This will allow toolkit[2][3] packages to smoothly enable wayland
> support when maintainers wants and let users try this
> next-to-systemd-troll[4].
> After Wayland I would add the demo compositor Weston to our community
> repositories. To do this we needs to:
> - enable wayland support into mesa ;
> - enable wayland support into cairo.
> If the both maintainers agreed to add support, we need to find a
> gentle developper which can move wayland to extra[5].

I appreciate your effort and have no objection against adding Wayland.

However, to limit people's enthusiasm about this, I just want to remark
that having Wayland installed now is not incredibly useful: Weston is
AFAIK the only compositor available at this time, and it is, as you
mention, a demo (there was talk of some tiling WM being ported to
Wayland, I forgot the name). Also you'll use XWayland most of the time.

When Qt5 gets released and Qt4 applications are ported (which will
likely happen for all Qt4 applications), there'll be at least many
applications that can use Wayland natively. When KDE is ported to Qt5,
we'll also get kwin as a more feature-rich Wayland compositor.

I didn't read about the GTK situation yet, but I guess GTK3 has Wayland
support already.

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