[arch-dev-public] Please provide Info for my talk!

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Tue Feb 19 09:15:40 EST 2013


I am giving an hour long talk at the end of next week about Arch, how it
works and why we are successful.  I will focus on stuff I am involved
with (i.e. pacman...), but will give examples of things like how we
decided on systemd, the new installer, etc.  (other suggestions welcome)

One thing I would like to talk about is our interaction with upstream.
I know a few of us have commit access to various upstream projects, or
have regularly contributed patches, or have upstream bug tracker
privileges etc.  Could people let me know about these things so I can
make a summary.

Something else I was specifically asked to cover is future plans for
Arch.  Does anyone have things beyond updating packages they want to do?

Finally, if you are in Lisbon on the 1st of March, come see me!  Search
for "SINFO XX" for details.


P.S.  Please reply off list to avoid irrelevant noise and we don't want
to spoil my talk!   I believe the talk will be posted on youtube and I
will make my slides available too.

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