[arch-dev-public] Mesa 9.1 in testing

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Feb 27 10:02:10 EST 2013

Am 23.02.2013 10:23, schrieb Andreas Radke:
> New unified Mesa has hit testing. Upgrade path went smooth here. Please
> test it.
> Now the main mesa pkg should provide everything required to build and
> link packages. The mesa-libgl pkg providing libgl should be not be used
> in the dependency array when linking to libgl.so - please use
> "libgl" that will allow users to choose also nvidia-utils or
> catalyst-utils.
> There are still packages in extra depending on the old libgl package. We
> will need to fix them before makepkg will properly allow to build only
> against new mesa.

lib32-mesa lacks the necessary replaces= for the old split packages.

lib32-mesa-demos conflicts with mesa-demos, so you can't have both
glxinfo and glxinfo32 now.

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