[arch-dev-public] Fix SVN commit mistakes

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Wed Jan 2 09:53:51 EST 2013

On 02/01/13 23:44, Allan McRae wrote:
> On 02/01/13 21:55, Giovanni Scafora wrote:
>> Il 02/01/2013 11:03, Allan McRae ha scritto:
>>> Devs and TUs,
>>> Fix your mess if you run "extrapkg" on a package in the community SVN or
>>> "communitypkg" on a package in the core/extra SVN.
>>> Also, always use these tools.  There were a bunch of issues that could
>>> only be caused by manually using archrelease and doing it wrong.
>>> These can break ABS updating.  I just fixed eight packages...
>>> Allan
>> Could you please list which packages you've fixed?
>> So we know the dev/tu are doing it wrong.
> If you really want to know, look for my SVN commits in both repos for
> the last day with commit messages that are fairly obvious...

But git does not show empty directories such as repo/x86_64 being
delete...   So here goes the packages:


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