[arch-dev-public] Toolchain changes

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Thu Jan 24 04:15:07 EST 2013

Am 24.01.2013 00:57, schrieb Allan McRae:
> ---DRAFT---
> Update filesystem-2013.01-1 and glibc-2.17-2 together
> Due to moving of the /lib symlink from the glibc package to the more
> appropriate filesystem package, it is required to update glibc-2.12-2
> and filesystem-2013.01-1 together.  This will happen automatically when
> you run "pacman -Syu".   Remember, partial updates are not supported...
> A potential issue with the upgrade on x86_64 is finding conflicting
> files in /usr/lib64.  All Arch Linux packages that had files in this
> directory have been updated, so update these individually first.  Any
> AUR packages with files in this directory should be updated to install
> them in /usr/lib.
> ---END DRAFT---

The usual "under no circumstances, use the --force option" warning would
be helpful.

> The other option is to add a filesystem>=2013.01 dependency to glibc,
> but that would result in some nasty circular dependencies due to deps in
> the filesystem package.

You can use versioned conflicts on both packages to achieve this without
creating dependency cycles.

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