[arch-dev-public] rc.d files, unmaintained packages - and, the quality of our repositories

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Tue Jul 16 22:20:48 EDT 2013

[2013-07-16 18:08:08 -0700] Connor Behan:
> There are a few packages I can name and a few I can't that assume
> the user runs systemd. So this makes it is a bad idea to upload a
> different init system any time soon.

Indeed: we made a concerted decision to use systemd as our init system,
so systemd can be assumed to be running on every Arch Linux system. If
you wish to go against this decision (such as to support other init
systems) you need to submit a proposal here so we can discuss it first.

It's really the opposite of "push first and discuss later".

> Yes it has bugs, but
> so do a lot of [community] packages and the criteria for inclusion on
> the wiki said "1% usage from pkgstats or 10 votes on the AUR."

That criteria is nothing more than a guideline. The concerted decisions
we make on this list (in particular the deprecation of netcfg) obviously
take precedence - and the proper place to disagree would have been:


> But honestly, netcfg was one Arch project that was actually useful
> outside of Arch

That's not the opinion of most people; see the last two lines of


> And I thought I would force myself to dive into it by making a
> release first and having a discussion after. I will be sure to ask first
> next time if I ever think it's a good idea to release it again.

When the upstream maintainers of a project find it too messy and switch
their development efforts to a cleaner fork, I find it quite naive to
"re-release the messy original now, and see about fixing it later"...

But of course you are free to develop netcfg (or a fork) and release
tarballs of your changes on your personal website. What you did wrong
here is push this as a package to our official repositories, going
against decisions made on this very list.

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