[arch-dev-public] [RFC] moving libtxc_dxtn from [community] to [extra]

jan at jgc.homeip.net jan at jgc.homeip.net
Thu Jul 18 05:00:23 EDT 2013

On 18.07.2013 10:44, Laurent Carlier wrote:
> Le lundi 15 juillet 2013 12:57:29 Laurent Carlier a écrit :
>> Le lundi 15 juillet 2013 12:00:48 vous avez écrit :
>>> Since at least mesa 9.0, support for patented S3TC compressed 
>>> texture is
>>> available through the external library libtxc_dxtn 
>>> (lib32-libtxc_dxtn for
>>> multilib)
>>> To avoid such bug report [0], i would like to move libtxc_dxtn in 
>>> [extra]
>>> and add it as a dependency of xf86-video-{ati,intel,nouveau} 
>>> packages.
>> Just noticed a mistake:
>> it's {ati,intel,nouveau}-dri and not xf86-video-{ati,intel,nouveau} 
>> packages
>>> Any objections ?
>>> [0]: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/36062
> I will push this with mesa-9.1.5 update

I did raise my concerns, but somehow the mailinglist didn't post my 
message (guess the message is stuck in moderation queue).

Anyways: libtxc_dxtn is no longer maintained and code has only been 
tested on i686. Do you really want to add such a dependency to packages 
like intel-dri, ati-dri and nouveau-dri? I would rather suggest an 
optdepend or add optdepends to games that need this library.
Also, there's a reason why Mesa doesn't include this stuff.

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