[arch-dev-public] /usr move - update instructions

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Jun 1 01:51:29 EDT 2013

New thread for ongoing updates to instructions as issues are noticed:

Updates fix:
 - post_install scripts can call scripts with /bin/bash shebangs (e.g.
 - pamcan -Qm sorting is not consistent with that from "sort" in some
 - autofs and non-mounted partitions

--- Update Instructions ---

1) Fix any non-official packages with files in /bin, /sbin or /usr/sbin
to put those files in /usr/bin.  The list of packages to be fixed can be
generated using:
$ comm -12 <(pacman -Qqm | sort) <(pacman -Qqo /bin /sbin /usr/sbin |
sort -u)

2) Make sure any packages in IgnorePkg or IgnoreGroup do not have files
in /bin, /sbin, or /usr/sbin.  Fix them if necessary.

3) If you have files in /bin, /sbin or /usr/sbin that are unowned by any
package, you need to move them.  Find a list using:
$ find /bin /sbin /usr/sbin -exec pacman -Qo -- {} + >/dev/null

4) Ensure all partitions are mounted if using autofs.  They may not
automount when needed later in this update.

5) Update your system:
# pacman -Syu --ignore filesystem,bash
# pacman -S bash
# pacman -Su

--- End ---

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