[arch-dev-public] Multilib repository was inconsistent.

Laurent Carlier lordheavym at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 07:58:47 EST 2013

Le vendredi 1 mars 2013 07:54:20 Pierre Schmitz a écrit :
> Hi,
> the multilib repo had different entries for packages in the db and
> files databases. It would be great to know how you manged to do this.
> Please never alter the files directly as this will always break things!
> I removed the following packages: lib32-libegl lib32-libgbm
> lib32-libglapi lib32-osmesa
> Greetings,
> Pierre

Ok, it seems it was my fault, i've used repo-remove instead db-repo-remove.

Sorry for the breakage.

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