[arch-dev-public] cleaning up unneeded static libraries?

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Sat Mar 2 20:17:40 EST 2013

[2013-03-02 15:17:02 +0100] Jelle van der Waa:
> Can't we add a rule to namcap, which warns packagers about static libs?
> Then the packager can decide whether they should included or removed.

Most packagers would not notice or care enough to remove static libs
from the many packages where they are a complete waste of resources.

In contrast, adding *.a to PURGE_TARGETS will definitely solve that
problem in the long term without requiring anything from packagers -
only those specific packages relying on static libs will need to add
'!purge' to their options array. This seems the best solution to me.

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